Thus far, a lot has been achieved (see "SUCCESSES") since the group and the centre came into existence but many challenges are still ahead. These problems are primarily material, financial, and staffing.


There is a general lack of equipment for the various departments. There is a need for more computers for the computer department; more sewing machines, a zigzag, embroidery, and button-hole machines for the dressmaking department; the Psychiatric Centre needs more drugs for the treatment of its patients.


Skilled individuals are the brain and arms of the centre, yet the current programs are not fully staffed. International volunteers would be highly welcome to bring expertise and encouragement to the department's management and fellow body. A professional carpenter is needed to teach modern carpentry know-how and design. The centre's organization needs to be rigorously set up by a business professional, to meet international governance standards.

- On a day-to-day basis, the centre struggles to be self-reliant, to raise money to feed the children, and to pay school fees and uniforms for the younger ones. So far, most of the operational funds were provided by the founder of Berikids herself. However, her private resources are close to exhausted and external support is highly needed.

- Single mothers lack funds to open up small-scale lucrative businesses that will make them self-reliant. Since they remain unable to satisfy their basic wants and those of their children, they remain vulnerable to social hazards, thus facing the risk of bearing more unwanted children and contracting HIV/AIDS.

- There is a lack of adequate funds to complete the construction and rehabilitation of the centre’s structures. The building was recently roofed, plastered and cemented, however, it still needs strong doors and window protectors to avoid burglary. The newly constructed four-roomed and un-roofed apartment needs to be roofed, plastered, cemented with strong doors and windows. The centre also needs a furnished dormitory and kitchen. More funds are equally needed to erect more buildings to house orphans and vulnerable children as their number is sure to increase with time.

- The centre cannot bear any more expenses, e.g. the carpentry workshop has its electrical machines shut down because it is unable to pay an old and important electricity bill. Since the machines cannot be used, the workshop is not operating at its full capacity and thus cannot be self-reliant.