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Single Mothers Group Project:

This project aims at sensitizing teenage mothers and building up their capacities in one of the various vocational training programs that our organization offers. We have included into this Program Sexual education for the youth, information on the fight against HIV/AIDS, and abortion, which is predominant in our Community.


Psychiatric Centre:

Berikids in its quest for a better upbringing of orphans, vulnerable children, and young mothers with hope for a better future, saw the need of having within its institution a Psychiatrist who could assist in bringing up this marginalized group of people. The Project aims at providing first aid essentials and furniture for the Psychiatrist Centre. In the preliminary stages, it was realized that the Community was in great need of more than one Psychiatrist. Unfortunately, being the only person available, we committed our Psychiatrist to assist not only at the Centre, but also the Community at large. Presently, we have just 1 Room and 2 Beds for treating the mentally ill. At times, we give out our own rooms to admit patients when the room is full and most times the Doctor travels around to their various homes to treat them. 


Computer Training Programme:

BERIKIDS operates a Computer Training Program whereby we train our rural community members. We teach them basic computer skills and show them the importance of Information and Communication Technology. This Department possesses 5 Computers and 1 Printer. We are in dire need of more computers, a scanner, and a photocopier.


Carpentry / Metal Workshop:

We have developed a Carpentry Workshop in order to encourage young men, mostly on technical work. We acquired a Plainer Machine from Italian Capuchins Brothers to improve this workshop. We have a total of 13 Students and 2 Teachers. Training here takes One and a Half to two years. We still need a lot of tools and machines for the effective running of this Department.


Tailoring / Sewing Department:

We are currently managing a Tailoring and Sewing Department. Here, we train youths, single mothers, orphans, and vulnerable children who are interested in learning the art of sewing. We have 3 Teachers; one teaches design-making, the other handles men's wear and the last teaches the sewing of inner-wears and handicrafts. We presently have a total of 16 Students in the Department: 5 Orphans, 7 Single mothers, and the remaining numbers are all Vulnerable Children. We have 13 sewing machines, a designing machine, and a machine for under-garments.


Acquisition of the Berikids Centre:

In 2003, we acquired the BERIKIDS Centre (5 apartment structure). We renovated the building structure and also extended this Centre by additionally constructing 4 more rooms. Most of our activities were undertaken in this Centre until the recent construction of the present Rehabilitation Centre, as can be viewed on this page.


Installation of Grinding Mills:

We have been able to plant 2 Grinding Mills in some of our Rural areas. The Grinding Mill serves and helps the peasant locals in the area and they are also a source of minor funding for the BERIKIDS Centre.


Creation of Berikids Website:

With the assistance of Martine (Switzerland), we were able to develop our Website - and to this, we are greatly indebted. By the grace of God, the Website has again been redesigned, and this is what you are presently reading and browsing through.


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