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BERIKIDS NGO is in need of Volunteer Workers from any Country of the World. The following Volunteering Opportunities are available:

A Health Professional with Psychiatric / Counselling Experience:

The Health Professional who can consult and treat health related issues and also takes care of the mentally disable persons especially those cause by addictive substances, treat, counsel, and rehabilitate them in the centre. This will help our society a lot because we have seen in our research that most of those young men go to this habit due to poverty, and lack of jobs. So with the rehabilitation program, they will be train on income generation trade that can make the viable in the society this task should be for about two months.

A Projects Fundraiser:

The Projects Fundraiser being either male or female shall personally observe the needs of our Community and set out to carry out the indispensable fundraising strategies, serving as an eyewitness to any funding body.

A Sociologist or Research Expert:

His or her task will be to carry out a Social Research Project in which she or he will determine the estimate number of orphans in Kumbo – Cameroon, assess their degrading socio-economic and professional conditions, and determine the causes of the highly increasing orphan ratio in Kumbo etc.

A Project Assistant:

This Projects specialist will professionally revamp the BERIKIDS managerial set up as she/he instructs on successful organizational establishment. She/he will also instruct the BERIKIDS staff on quality Project Writing and Sponsorship; and if possible do some fundraising for one or two Projects that she/he designs while here with the help of BERIKIDS Board.


BERIKIDS offers Accommodation, to the Volunteers from out of the locality. who would not mind living in the Centre.

Feeding, except for those who need special diets. They will be free to prepare what they want.

Leisure trips around Bui Division.

Health insurance for treatment in Bui Division.

If you are interested in any of the Volunteer Opportunities above, or if you have any suggestion(s) regarding our volunteering programme, kindly send us an Email via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will Send you a Complete Volunteer Application Form. You are welcome to BERIKIDS!


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