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The Centre has 38 Orphans who are already on vocational training without sponsors, and over 23 both Orphans, less privileged and vulnerable children are coming to the centre for training but live at their various homes. We therefore call on you to assist them both financially and materially. Many of these children still wish to come to the centre, but because of the limited finances, the centre cannot admit more for now. Read more about the need on the Page – Orphans Needing Sponsors. Your care for these children is going to make a great difference in their lives:

To Sponsor a school child for a year, i.e (Registration, School Fee, books, Texts books, writing material, health and other expenses on basic needs) it costs 75.000 FRS.) BERIKIDS is currently sponsoring some number of children in Primary Schools; some of their pictures can be viewed on the right column of this page.

To sponsor a child living in the centre for vocational training, i.e (Feeding and other necessities for a year = 50.000). Vocational Training Sewing 35,000 Frs, Carpentry 80.000 Frs, Computer 40.000 Frs, Handicraft work 25.000 Frs.

Those out of the Centre Sponsorship only on the vocational training in any of the trades chosen by the child. We also have Orphans who are still too small for vocational training and are still in primary school. They are a total of 8 and we also placed their sponsorship open to whoever wishing to help them with age range of 3 to 11 years. Spare a coin and bring hope to these children. Please, if you want to give us a helping hand, kindly write to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will send to you the relevant Project Write-up.

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